Below are PDF forms that you can download prior to your tax appointment. Complete them carefully and bring them with you to your tax appointment or upload the completed forms to my NEW client portal at .  Enter the social security number of the taxpayer (not the spouse) and click on “Need a password or Forgot Password”.  This will provide you with a new password. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the portal.

Let us know once you have uploaded all tax documents to the portal so that we can start working on your tax return(s). We will not begin work unless we hear from you.

Tax Check Lists help you gather all the necessary information needed to prepare your tax return(s):
Tax Check List Existing Clients
Tax Check List New Clients

The following are fillable PDF forms that must be completed in order for me to work on your tax return(s). TIP: Make sure to save the PDF file before you start to fill in your information.

Existing Clients:
Please call to get a individualized Tax Organizer uploaded to the portal or mailed to you, or use the following:
Individual Tax Organizer – Existing Client (you don’t need to completed the personal and dependent information if nothing has changed but please complete the rest of the pages)

New Individual Clients:
Individual Tax Organizer – New Clients

and if applicable
Business Income & Expenses – Sole Proprietor and SMLLC
Rental Income & Expenses
Farm Income & Expenses

Expense Tracking for the self-employed
I am constantly looking for ways to make your life easier and to save you taxes. Most self-employed people significantly overpay their taxes through lost or forgotten receipts, but with the 1tap receipts app, I will help you to not be one of them.

I am proud to announce I have partnered up with 1tap, the award-winning mobile expense tracking app designed exclusively for the self-employed. So instead of storing all your paper receipts all year, you will simply take a picture of the receipts using the 1tap app on your phone or iPad.

The 1tap app will do four things with the receipt, bill, invoice or any other expense item that you photograph:

  • The supplier, date and amount are automatically extracted.
  • Automatic categorization to one of eighteen IRS categories.
  • Automatic filling in super secure storage for the IRS mandated seven years.
  • I receive all this information in real time so that I can double check everything at year end.

Most exciting of all, the instructions to use the 1tap receipts app are in the name. One tap of the camera button and all four points are performed for you. All of this means I am more confident than ever in my ability to save you money on taxes for the 2018 tax year.

Best of all it is available to you FREE of charge, as part of your ongoing service with me.

All you need is an Apple iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone and the 1tap receipts app. Get the app here, so your 1tap account links with my account straight away. Make sure to enter code 6mqr in the “Share with Accountant” tab of the 1tap app.

Donation Tracking
An easy way to track your donations is using a free mobile app (from TurboTax) called It’s Deductible. You can track your donation on your computer or your mobile device and print a report at the end of the year that can be used to prepare your taxes.

Mileage Tracking
There are more and more apps available that can be used to track miles. One that I can recommend is MileIQ. Make sure to use this link if you decide to sign up for MileIQ because it will save you 20% on your annual subscription plan.

Miscellaneous Forms
Estate Inventory Worksheet
Home Office Excel Spreadsheet
2018 Fair Market Value Guide