Below are PDF forms that we will need to complete your tax return. Complete them carefully and bring them with you to your tax appointment or upload the completed forms to the client portal at

Enter the email address of the taxpayer to log into the portal. Click on “Need a password or Forgot Password” if you can’t remember your password, this will provide you with a new one. Call us if you have any trouble accessing the portal.

Let us know once you have uploaded all tax documents to the portal so that we can start working on your tax return. We will not start on your return unless we hear from you.

In light of the growing public-health concern about coronavirus (COVID-19), we are at the current time not scheduling face-to-face meetings instead we are providing you with the following options:

  • Use our client portal to upload your tax documents.
  • Mail your tax documents to P.O. Box 102, Eagleville TN 37060.
  • Fax your tax documents to 615-876-6208 .
  • You are also able to drop off your documents at our office at 138 Allisona Road, Eagleville TN 37060. We require that you wear a mask if you enter out office.

Please do not email or text tax documents to us. It is not safe! Instead upload documents to the portal. We also prefer if you use the secure portal message system to communicate with us instead of emailing us.

Tax Check Lists help you gather all the necessary information needed to prepare your tax return(s):
2019 Tax Check List Existing Clients
2019 Tax Check List New Clients

The following are fillable PDF forms that must be completed in order for us to work on your tax return. TIP: Make sure to save the PDF file before you fill in your information otherwise it won’t save the changes.

Existing Clients:
Please call to get a individualized Tax Organizer uploaded to the portal or mailed to you, or use the  following:
2019 Individual Tax Organizer – Existing Clients

New Individual Clients:
2019 Individual Tax Organizer – New Clients

and if applicable
2019 Business Income & Expenses Sole Proprietor and SMLLC
2019 Rental Income & Expenses
2019 Farm Income & Expenses
2019 Farm Rental Income & Expenses

Expense & Mileage Tracking for the self-employed
We strongly recommend that you use QuickBooks to track your revenue, expenses and mileage. We are Certified QuickBooks Advisors and can help you choose the right version. We offer a 2-hour one-on-one training session for $185.  We also can offer special pricing for the lifetime of your subscription.

Donation Tracking
An easy way to track your donations is using a free mobile app (from TurboTax) called It’s Deductible. You can track your donation on your computer or your mobile device and print a report at the end of the year that can be used to prepare your taxes.

Miscellaneous Forms
Estate Checklist
Estate Inventory Worksheet
Home Office Excel Spreadsheet
2019 Donations Fair Market Value Guide